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she was running, hard and fast.
she didn't dare stop or glance behind her.
she ran over the vine twisted ground.
jumped past the moss covered trees.
her cape billowed behind her, her sandles sent shocks up her legs along the lace that tied at her knee.
her short emerald tunic moved with her as she ran.
she ran faster as she heard their shouts.
she knew they were close behind her.
she would not let them have her.
then she saw it, her way out.
a cliff and a river of water curling towards it and down its side.
she looked backward and saw she would soon be in their shooting range.
"better luck next time boys" she whispered as she surged forward and jumped...
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Souls Sing
when we are little we show who we are.
we are not afraid to scream and shout, to climb up trees and fool about.
we are happy to run bare foot and sometimes run about maked.
we are not afraid to lie down with the dogs, act weird or follow what we enjoy doing.
as we grow older we are taught how to reign in all these free impulses.
told to ignore our natural instincts.
taught to be prim and proper.
taught how to focus on reality.
we eventually put on masks every day and behave in a certain way.
hoping no one will think or say anything about how we act.
we put on a show and seem as though we are walking on egg shells.
we are so afraid and insecure we hide these wonderful people we are because we are so busy conforming to the ever judging societies in which we live.
I say we take our lives back one by one and follow the childrens example and simply let our souls sing!
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Our oasis
I love the feeling of wind in my hair, of it tugging at my arms and chest as i race across the barren dessert sand.
listening to the joint breathing of myself and the magnificent creature i ride upon.
my long black hair mingling with the cobolt pelt of my stallion.
seeing his muscles move gracefully as he speeds across the land.
my azure eyes contrasting with the pools of amber that are his.
feeling the bond between us that lets us move as one.
hearing the rhythmic beat of his hooves as they hit the golden sand.
racing forward, we give our last bit of energy to fly up across the dune, finally reaching the crystaline waters that chill our skin and stay out thirst.
lying down amoungst the trees upon the soft grass ground, i think... this is our place, this is our oasis.
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sunrays glint off the ground,
radiate your face,
give your eyes a mischivous blue shine,
light your lips blood red,
hair illuminated with a red sheen
This is what you could be..
this beauty..
It's just undiscovered
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Twinkle and twirl
goes the dancers pearl
glittering with grace
is her made-up face.
as nimble as a gazelle
goes her costume now
round her ribbons make
leap and glide
slip and slide
poise and control
All part of her hearts true call
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Guess who?
I am never lonely
I am in great demand
I am expensive
sometimes I am free
your life needs me,
as does your society
Have you guessed yet?
I come in many different forms.
Ican heal or destroy.
I am weak,
I kill
I create
I am in every atom.
I have the potential to be...
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who am i you ask.
I am;
The bright bolting lights
in the dark clouded sky.
The ravaging score of rocks
colliding down the steep cliff side.
I am;
The slow decent of feathered flight
upon the hot summers breeze.
The continuous illusion of the rainbow
The hope for a pot of gold.
I am the patter of raindrops falling
from the rain dancers skin.
I am silence
all and nothing is what I can be
And today I choose just to be me.
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Free Falling
Free Falling,
tumbling through the air.
gliding and soaring.
tearing through the glare.
plumeting out of contorl,
wings escaping,
spreading wide
you're no longer falling....
you're soaring
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Out of control
                          out of control
I feel as if my lifes out of control.
rampaging on and on and always
leaving me two steps behind.
It's as if my book has already been written and I can't change a thing.
not how my friends act or who they are, what I say and do,
or how many times my mother gets arrested or swears at her kids.
life is hard and painful for some and wonderfully joyous for others.
All I say is take a step back and look at us more unfortunate kids
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People are never there when you need them to care.
They aren’t there when you cry or die.
They’ll come for parties and money, and when you call them a friend
they’ll help you until it’s something they want. They don’t care if it makes you depressed or want to stay away from life, until you’re gone and all they’re left
with is this poem
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Tegwen Sampson
South Africa
hey guys.. kinda given up on the practical art for a bit and thought i'd try a bit of writing instead... hope u enjoy

Current Residence: capetown
Favourite genre of music: all music
Favourite style of art: sculpting
Personal Quote: i stepped on a kornflake.. does that mean im a cereal killer? O.o


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